Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Music Festival Vibes - #SummerOfBratz

We love sunny walks along the river with a quick stop for handstands in the sand. Summer is a time for spending longer, warmer days together enjoying each others company. Our most favourite time is getting the pool out and cooling off on a hot day. 

Getting outside is the best part of summer and Bratz want to hear all about your favourite parts of summer whether that be headstands in the sand, cartwheels in a field, a picnic at the park, splashing in your pool or going on a family holiday. You name it, Bratz want to see it!

MGA are asking their followers on social media to share selfies with their Bratz dolls using the #SummerOfBratz for a chance to win some fabulous prizes. 

#SummerOfBratz Twitter competition is a great way to show off your summer snaps with your Bratz doll and win some prizes while you do it.

We totally love Bratz new Music Ferstival vibes dolls. Our favourite is Chloe who is fab dressed up as a true Country girl from the USA. My Granddaughter loves that she has horseshoe earings. So  cute!

What's Your Favourite Part of Summer?

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Make Sushi At Home With The Kids!

Leading UK-based Japanese food company YUTAKA, has all the ingredients, without all the additives, to make authentic and healthy sushi at home. Kids love the fact they can get all messy whilst making sushi and the health benefits are incredible. A recent report found the Japanese diet seems to be one of the primary reasons they boast the longest lifespan in the world. 

Nori (seaweed, which is used to wrap the rolls) is abundant in health benefits and is considered an ancient superfood. As well as being really tasty, it provides loads of essential nutrients, is packed with dietary fibre, improves bone and dental health, is high in iron and rich in protein. And that’s just for starters. Wasabi, ginger and soy sauce have all been found to have a variety of benefits too.

The beauty of YUTAKA’s ingredients is that they’re all made in the traditional way, which means they feature a lot less additives than other brands on the market.

We have never tried making sushi before but I've often thought about giving it a go and last weekend I made some with my Granddaughter.

Kids can be fussy with their food and sometimes it can be really difficult to persuade them to try something new, but I've found over the years that if you let them play with their food and get creative they are more likely to want to try it.

Sushi doesn't just have to be raw fish, it is basically just a sweet rice paired with any protein, vegetable or fruit. It is healthy, nutritious and so much fun to make. We made a Chicken Teriyaki to put in our sushi and we absolutely loved it, but you could team your sushi with tinned tuna, or mango pieces, carrot, cucumber....anything really. 

We had a great time making sushi and will do it again soon.
Have you ever made sushi? What do you team yours with?


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